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Why choose Cooper Translations?

Our Expertise

Cooper Translations is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia and has been offering translation services for a number of years. It is one of few providers specialised in providing English and Slovenian translations of legal, business and finance texts. Of course, we can also accept general texts. The team of translators include university graduates of law, translation studies, English language and Slovenian language who are native speakers of Slovene or English, with years of translation experience in their specialised subject field. By combining legal and linguistic knowledge of our translation team we focus on giving clients the best quality of service possible – accurate, terminologically correct and timely translations at reasonable costs!

Aside from translation expertises and skills we strive to give to our clients we are, from translation agencies and translation service providers, different with regard to one other significantly important aspect: Legal and commercial knowledge of the team, working together with Cooper Law Firm, allows us to bring to client’s attention legal aspects in the translated text which, although translated correctly, may not necessarily be valid and enforceable in Slovenia. In such a case, upon the client’s request, we can re-draft legally disputed provisions.

Our clients are national and international entities, governments, European institutions, private entities as well as individuals for whom we have translated technically, terminologically and linguistically challenging documents such as investment fund prospectuses, annual reports and accounts, initial public offerings, securities documentation, legislation, complex contracts, agreements, tendering documentation... as well as simple documents like certificates, diplomas, passports, extracts, official records… just to mention a few!

Head of our Team

The head of the team is Sarah Cooper, LL.M, a practicing lawyer and a certified translator for English and Slovenian language. She has been sworn-in as a certified translator by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia. Sarah Cooper is one of few Slovenian translators who is also a practicing lawyer, with a Bachelor of Laws and a Masters of Laws in International Business Law from University College London, Great Britain. She has work experience in one of the largest law firms in London, has articled at the Court of Appeals of Slovenia and is a member lawyer of the Slovenian Bar Association.

Fast, confidential and personal service

Having a team of lawyer-linguists who understand the importance to meet deadlines ensures you will receive your translation on time and that confidential information disclosed by our clients is preserved. Our difference is putting your best interests first!

Quality control measures

We employ a five-phase quality control measure to ensure the target text delivered to the client has been reviewed, proofread and formatted according to the source text.


" We used Cooper Translations to help with a translation project. Sarah proved to be both professional and diligent during our working relationship. I'd certainly recommend her. Great job!"
Richard Hayes from Leeds  

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